Saturday, May 31, 2014

A bit of nostalgia

I say nostalgia, I was barely alive in the fifties, but I remember my Mum and both Grans having this magazine.

When I was poking about in one of the op shops in town I came across this magazine and it made me smile.  It was only 10 cents so I had to buy it (It still had the tissue patterns inside!).  Flipping through I was taken back in time, not by the dress styles,  I don’t remember the fitted styles in this magazine my dresses were more of a gathered skirt and a bow to tie at the waist.  But then I am thinking of the late fifties and early sixties.

I was fascinated with the advertisements, I always wondered why my Mum always had a tin of this, maybe we still should be taking it and we wouldn't be needing all the medicines of today.

Obviously weight was an issue even then; there were at least 6 ads for losing weight, and about also 5 for nervous tension depression etc.  Things aint changed!

However this is the one that cracked me up the most.  It shows how ideas have changed.  In fact the whole tone was that women were to look after and cherish their men feed him well and he will be happy with you.  
This was particularly so in the letters to the agony Aunt, to the extent that the advice given to one poor lady was that it was her fault that her husband went out every night partying refusing to take her.  Oh how times have changed, in fact I think the opposite is true nowadays.  Isn't it strange how we humans throw out the baby with the bath water?
On an end note here is a picture of me in the middle on my 8th birthday, the doll was a present from my Gran , I wasn't particularly happy with it as I wanted a bike!

Today's 5 Blessings,

Sunshine and no frost!
A load of washing done
Phone call from my sister who lives in Aussie (she’s the one holding the small doll.)
Was able to get an hour’s gardening done. 
Noticed that my young olive tree had some olives!

Thanks for visiting and will see you soon.

Wednesday, May 28, 2014

I am Back

I am back!  I have decided to test run blogging for a week or two and see if the troll that stopped me blogging 3 months ago has gone away.  So fingers crossed.

I have decided to change the focus of this blog and make it more of a special place for sharing the whimsical side of living a frugal life, my op shop finds, some crafty stuff, some recipes and the odd thoughts about life in general.  Life is fun even in hard times.

We are starting to experience winter this week after a mild autumn.  Last weekend we had big storms, not too bad here but quite severe in the South Island.
Just before the storm

Sunday Night was the scariest I thought the house would take flight in the wind!  I was amazed that the greenhouse was still standing the next morning; Gusts had got up to 140 km.
However it has been fine since but we had our first frost this morning, and one is predicted for tomorrow, will try and get some photos if I can crawl out of bed in time!!

Ambrose is nicely curled up amongst my crochet; teach me to leave it out before going to bed!

Five of today’s blessings

A chicken stew cooking on the slow cooker, making the house smell cosy!
A beautiful blue sky after the frosts.
A lone rose flowering!

Managed to get a lot of crochet done before lunch. (I am making a baby blanket for a friends soon to be granddaughter.

My grocery shopping list for tomorrow is quite short, so savings to be had this week for the sealed pot.

Well that's it for today, I feel the need for a stroll with a mug of tea in the garden before it gets too cold.  Tomorrow I hope to be back with some pics of some great frugal op shop finds.  

Have a great day.

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Beating the Trolls

I am sorry to say that I am going to abandon this blog!  My blogging and everyday life has been made awful by a couple of trolls.  It started last July on my art blog, followed me to my veggie garden blog (which I closed) and then on to this blog.  

 I delete all the comments they made but it makes blogging not very enjoyable.  I know who they are, they are also local.  They don’t blog themselves,. but seem to love leaving yucky remarks, makes you feel sick.  They even tried to hijack my garden blog!  But luckily blogger warned me.

 This is the reason why I havent done much blogging lately, I suppose I was hoping they would go away, but I guess if they are sill here after 6 months, they are in for the duration.  Ignoring them hasnt worked.

 Not being able to be myself has made blogging a chore an not an enjoyable process.  In that sense they have won.

You know it would have been so bad if they had been kids or teenagers, but it is woman in their forties and fifties!  They are sad and sick, I almost feel sorry for them. I have tried to ignore their remarks but I live in a rural area where everyone knows everyone else and it was starting to effect people around me.

 I think writing about a frugal lifestyle incensed them.  I live a simple life and have no debt and they took my enjoyment of my life as a criticism of them.
Although no one really knows what motivates these sorts.

 However they are not going to win!  when they started last year, I opened another art blog under an assumed name and they have not discovered it to date.  So I will open another blog with that identity for my baking, crochet and gardening antics.  So I will still be able to dance!

 Allbeit, hidden away from their veiw.  I think using my name and disclosing my location was a mistake, so my new blog will have not trackable details.
It is a sad world that you cant be open about your life.  

But I am sure what comes around will come around for them one day. 

 We have to carry on regardless, knowing that good will overcome in the end, otherwise we may as well give up.  

 I shall smile at the thought of these two trolls trying to find me amongst the thousands and thousands of blogs!
 I will keep this blog open for a short time but within a month or so will remove it.  If you want to follow me to my new home email me and if you are a genuine follower I will send you a link.
Sorry it had to end this way but as always a few cause trouble for the majority. 
So thanks for all your visits and to Frugal Queen for putting this blog on her side bar.  I hope to find you all with my new blog very soon.

Friday, February 21, 2014

Summer Glory

Yeah I know I have been a bad blogger lately!  It has just been too hot to do much.  Our area has had had the hottest temperatures for NZ lately, and as a visiting friend said this morning “I am over summer!’  I shouldn’t complain really when I see the weather that the northern hemisphere is experiencing!  Anyway I gave myself a talking to and visited a few blogs and I feel inspired again.

As you can see the garden is still producing like crazy.  I have started to pick some of the squashes – kumi kumi and turks cap, they will free the vines up to produce some more before summer’s end.  This year I grew purple climbing beans and I have to say they produce a lot better than my usual scarlets.

In the flower garden there are some hardy souls that don’t seem to mind the temps in the 30’s. 

The abundant Sara Holmes rose is a delight, all the other roses look rather sad.

A bright spot down the back – geraniums, Busy Lizzie and the tail end ofthe white um er opps I forgot the name!

The autumn bloomers are beginning to show off – Japanese Anemone and Mexican Sunflower (which will look a treat in a few weeks as it has taken over the boundary fence line in my back garden).

I am going to have to do some serious freezing and preserve making over the next week and I hope to share some of my favourite recipes.

Have a great weekend.